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Understanding the needs of contractors and customers underlines our ability to revolutionize the insurance restoration industry. We have been in your shoes and constantly place ourselves in them to know how to best help you. We’re happy you’re here and ready to drive growth and value to your operation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why was Phoenix created?

Phoenix was created out of loss. After Hurricane Harvey, PHOENIX realized there was a better way to handle job management during extreme stress times. Out of destruction, PHXRestore (our Pilot product) was born. Since then, we have scaled massively to include time and material billing, value-enhancing integrations, customized workflows, and highly-rated customer service - with much more to come!

Are You a TPA?

Short answer? Yes. But we’re better than a TPA. We’re not in this to make money off the top of your hard work. We’re here to help the client and to help the contractor make a more successful job.

Can I use Phoenix for all my work?

Yes! You absolutely can run all of your work through the PHXRestore Job Management Software. Feel free to lean on us to help with any questions that may come up!

Are we penalized if we do not accept a job?

No! PHX does not operate off of a scoring system. Instead, we prefer to look at the content and quality of the work provided to keep clients and contractors happy and fulfilled.

How are you different from your competitors?

We aim to provide value to all using Phoenix’s suite of software and services. Not just clients but contractors as well. We’ve been in your shoes, and know-how working with various softwares and companies can be extremely challenging. We actively work against that narrative to bring you a better overall experience.