Meet the Team
A friendly face behind the tech.

Ray Bertka

Chris Cutter

Dan Capri

Zach Linquist
Partnership Development

Zach Smith
Regional Systems Analyst

Eric Smer
Regional Systems Analyst

Rachel Evans
Regional Systems Analyst

Johnny Bahas
Quality Assurance

Why We Do What We Do.

A Phoenix is notable, most, for rebirth from the ashes in Ancient Mythology. After the destruction, comes something beautiful, unique and elegant.

Phoenix cares about returning lives to normal as fast as possible. We believe that communication, transparency, and innovation can break down the barriers to build a better future. Let’s recover what was lost and bring to life and light a world better than we found it.

How Phoenix Came To Be.


An idea sparked!

In 2017, Raymond Vincent Santiago Bertka, was tasked to aid in restoration efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

A Revolution Warranted

Bertka realized the restoration industry needed revitalized. Together, with Christopher Cutter and Dan Capri, the three formed a union to create an industry-leading job management software.

An Idea Backed

Throughout the year, the trio created something magnificent, piquing the interest of investors in the area and providing them with the opportunity to run full speed ahead.

An Odyssey Formed

After too many coffees consumed and late nights, Phoenix launches its flagship customized job management platform for an industry leader.