How Tech is Changing the Workplace

It’s no secret that technology is constantly increasing its presence and improving its quality. Cars are learning to drive themselves, you no longer have to talk to a person to order your food, and the cloud knows everything you have ever done. All aspects of life are being made easier and more efficient.

Our personal lives are far from the only thing impacted by this constant innovation. The workplace has experienced major changes over the past decade as tech transforms every aspect of it. We aren’t just seeing robots take over factory jobs, but the traditional aspects of paper-pushing office jobs are becoming a thing of the past. Tech is automating and innovating all jobs, and from this we’re seeing big differences and even bigger improvements. That’s how Phoenix came to be, in fact. We have been able to create solutions through technology.

So how exactly has tech changed business operations, and what does it mean for business?

  • Communication is flowing. This is the foundation of Phoenix–we’re kind of obsessed with communication. We know the value of communication and the crucial role it plays at all levels of business. Technology allows employees to communicate with each other and customers anywhere, at any time. This increased communication allows for ideas, information, and solutions to be transferred effortlessly to one another. Feel free to read up on our love of communication HERE.
  • Efficiency is up. This is a direct result of the first point. More communication means doing more things, faster. It’s like the caffeine of the business world. The more you have of it, the faster you get things done. This means that your business operations flow more smoothly, and efficiency goes up.
  • Organization is optimized. Technology has allowed for a lot of consolidation. Meetings, assignments, paperwork, and all manner of daily business operations can now be conducted on smartphones or computers. With everything in one place, being organized is infinitely easier.
  • Customization is effortless. With technology being as advanced as it is, businesses are able to customize it to fit whatever needs they have. This is something Phoenix has been able to do with our communication platform– we’ve customized it to look different depending on the party using it. This makes the platform as user-friendly and efficient as possible.
  • Customer experience is maximized. One of the most important aspects of any business is ensuring that your client is happy. All of the previous perks of tech in the workplace culminate to this final point: customer satisfaction. Because you are experiencing so many improvements your quality of work is able to improve, which in turn makes your customers happy. Happy customers tell their friends about you, which brings you more business. Most agree that more business = good thing.


This is why we at Phoenix think what we’re doing is pretty neat. Our customized platform creates one organized place to conduct your business where all parties can chat freely. This makes the process more efficient and improves the experience for ALL parties.

Technology is only going to continue to grow–that’s why it’s important to embrace it. Those that don’t change with the times are going to struggle, as businesses around them optimize their processes. You either ride the wave or you wipe out.

This can make the constantly advancing technology seem intimidating– but it shouldn’t be. Platforms like Phoenix make the jump to technological proficiency effortless.

Are you doing everything you can to take advantage of technology in the workplace?


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